Friday, December 16, 2011

Putting on the Breaks

I have quickly learned that around this time of year, everything beings to grind down. One editor has already told me that he is now on vacation. Another is probably preparing as well. Such is the life of the freelance writer. Those of you who are my readers and engaged in similar pursuits have likely realized this for yourselves as well.

Perhaps I need to take a break myself, for once. I remember, back in the days where I was new to blogging, a nurturing spirit gave me a piece of advice. It was this. "It's okay if I don't write today". Should you find it helpful to your situation, I impart to you the very same words.

I'll be departing next week for the traditional Christmas family gathering. Yesterday, I went to a holiday potluck dinner and much enjoyed myself. The writer's life is often solitary. It is an altogether healthy thing to give voice to the ideas churning inside one's head. And in addition to having these thoughts validated, others can do the very same thing. Or, in other words, one might explain this as the reason why a good conversation can be healing.

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