Friday, October 28, 2011

I Know Better Now I Know Better Now

Only slightly dated.

This meeting will now come to order
Please take your seats
The minutes of the last meeting will be read
The minutes of the last meeting will be read

Old business, new business
There's a motion on the floor
That we review new applications
State your qualifications, be specific

Pounding my head against a brick wall
Finally got smart
Wised up
Gonna look out for myself now

I know better now
I know better now
Won't do it again

Tell us about yourself
What events have brought you to us?
How did you reach this decision?

Are you aware of our function?
The consequences and restrictions of this organization
Be reminded we are listening for slip-ups
Indicating a lack of conviction

Gave myself a little credit
I won't repeat
Past mistakes, mistrust my feelings
Learn from my experiences

Administer the serum
Where's that list of questions?
We all know why we're here
So let's get right to it

There must be order
There must be order
Shocking revelations
We are all deeply affected
But how many times?

How many times must they get burned
Before they learn their basic lesson
Recondition their behavior
Reprogram their responses?

Only stupid people
Fail to see
That it's a bad thing maybe in the 80's,
but I doubt it

maybe in the 80's
but I doubt it

We're concerned about our members
Ours is a very select group

(I know better now
Won't do it again)

Go home and think about it

(I know better now
Won't do it again)

Come back tomorrow and we'll talk some more

OK gentlemen, let's break early
we've all got things to do.

The Waitresses, "Wise Up".

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