Monday, October 24, 2011

Faith Based Communities Call for Meeting



When: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where: All-Souls Unitarian Church
2835 16th Street NW
Washington DC, 20009

Time: 6-8PM

Sponsored by: The Network of Spiritual Progressives - Greater Washington DC Chapter

To RSVP email:

Who: Representatives and leaders of Mosques, Temples, Churches, Synagogues, Interfaith and Ecumenical bodies, and other faith-based institutions/organizations

What: A meeting of faith-based persons, organizations, and leaders to discuss with Occupy organizers how to best support the Occupy movement in Washington, DC.

Immediate Need: As winter approaches, and the Occupy movement continues to occupy locations within the city - there is an increased need for local support to help sustain this occupation.

Goal of Meeting: To establish a more robust line of communication and create an organized support network between members of the Greater Washington DC faith-based community and the Occupy movement.

Why: There have been calls for the faith-based community to play a more prominent role in the Occupy movements throughout the nation and in Washington, DC. In response, we would like to invite and organize faith-based institutions to contribute to the general upkeep and well being of those who are participating in the local on-site occupation effort.

The Significance:

  1. The Occupy movement is lending voice to millions of people in the United States who are crying out for recognition, assistance, and justice due to the current economic crisis (ensuing political paralysis), and the ongoing economic marginalization of people within our nation.
  2. This economic crisis is directly affecting the lives most people in the US , including those who populate our own places of worship. Additionally, this crisis has expanded the circle of persons “in need” that many of our faith-based institutions support through charity, community outreach, and social services.
  3. The Occupy movement presents an opportunity for the faith-based community to demonstrate its compassion, generosity, and support for this “peoples movement” as it proclaims the need for social-economic-political justice across our nation.
  4. The Occupy movement also provides a context and platform for the faith-based community to demonstrate spiritual leadership and relevancy during this time of great change and turmoil within our nation and across the world.

Meeting Outline

I. Why support the Occupy movement

II. Immediate Needs and Requests of Occupation movement in DC

III. Establishing a faith-based support network for Occupy DC
a. Material Support: Food/Supplies/Equipment
b. Communication efforts
c. On-site group participation

IV. Next Steps

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