Sunday, December 28, 2008

Now With Anonymous Comment Option Removed

The only thing I've managed to acquire by leaving anonymous comments on is negative comments and insults, so that option has to go. I admit that my posts are at times snarky and sarcastic, but at no point do I ask for unsolicited nastiness. If you've ever read H.L. Mencken, you understand the basis upon which much of my writing style is formulated. If you don't, then you're totally missing the point altogether.

I've hit the same situation here which many of you have already reached on your own blogs with your own unfortunate troll problems. Henceforth, if you have no identity, you have nothing to say here in comments.




Utah Savage said...

I read a comment I find offensive on my blog and immediately delete it. Occasionally I get good comments from anonymous commenters, but BBC, that old misogynist gets shit canned almost every time. Maybe my content scares some. I am a bit fierce. And I have no problem using the delete button. So far I'm open to all. That amy change someday, but for now, I'm leaving it alone.

Anonymous said...

I started out my blog with anonymous comments disabled. Life's too short. I'd seen enough of the garbage that trolls and other beasts :-) often leave on "public" forums.

Thing is, these same folks would be ashamed to be as rude in any face-to-face forum, or even on the telephone. But on the 'net there is no risk of consequences.

PENolan said...

The only time I got a rude anonymous comment, it turned out to be from a fellow I nearly dated but eventually rejected. In the end, though, we settled our differences and he's very complementary. Still checks out the blog regularly but doesn't comment. I love my statcounter.

And personally, I love it when you're snarky and sarcastic. Now if you just had a loaded firearm . . .

Volly said...

I got my first true troll the other day - yes, an anonymous comment. Called me an idiot after reading my none-too-flattering description of some religious folks that came to my door. Then came another who used a name but had a hidden user profile.

I figure I've hit the big time if I've got hecklers...but too many and I'll remove the anonymous commenter option. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get to that place.