Thursday, December 25, 2008

This Christmas Day, Please Remember

1. The retail salesperson who had to deal with 5,000 rude customers a day during the Holiday season and is grateful for the season to be over.

2. The multitude of workers from a variety of vocations who are foregoing Christmas today and working. Saying, Well, they probably get holiday pay does not and should not detract from the fact that they are at work today and not with their families and loved ones.

3. The policeman, the fireman, the EMT, the 911 operator, and all of those other workers who are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and who we have a tendency to take for granted unless we have an emergency.

4. Everyone for whom Christmas Day is their only guaranteed holiday off, probably without pay, and who do not have the ability to attain anything else otherwise.

And be it therefore resolved.

Next year, don't forget that the people with whom you interact while doing errands and otherwise rushing through your time-limited existence are human beings, too. They have families, feelings, frustrations, and concerns just as pressing to your own. Do not depersonalize them in your haste to seem in step with your fellows. In the grand scheme of things, nothing is that damned important.

Get it right next year.


Dr. Zaius said...

Merry Christmas, Comrade Kevin!

PENolan said...

Warmest Wishes, John Boy

Life As I Know It Now said...

Peace,love and understanding to you dear Kevin.

Utah Savage said...

Hi dear. I did my best to be kind and loving to those with whom I came into contact during the entire season between Thanksgiving and will continue to try to do the same the rest of the season. I even tip people I don't usually tip. I made candy for the first time ever and plan to take some to neighbors tomorrow when things aren't so hectic for them.

I was only bad in Group Therapy. But then I am crazy, no? Some things just must be said, no matter how uncomfortable it makes the comfortably religious when at least one person doesn't share their narrow sensibility. I claimed to be gay to make a point. I will continue to claim to be gay throughout this time until after the Inauguration and maybe by then it won't even be a lie. Who knows. Here's hoping anyway. I haven't done very well being straight, so I'll call myself gay and see how it goes.

I love you dear and hope the staff that worked this holiday treated you with kindness and warmth. My dear friend Melea works in an ER and worked today so that someone with a child could have the day off. Doesn't hurt that she got extra pay. Still, it was her choice to volunteer to cover another's shift. She's a good girl. Too bad she's not gay.

Volly said...

Dugg. The last paragraph in particular was a gem.

Gail said...

Hi Kevin-
I hear ya!! :-)

And as a silly side - when I pay my bills the month of December I send all the bills in Christmas cards Been doing it for years........

Peace to you

Shu said...

Merry Christmas Comrade Kevin!

I see what you mean. Most people forget everyone else during the holiday season. Like my cousin is a police officer and was duty on Christmas can could only see the family for a minute before going off again. I'm glad you think of people like her when most don't even give them a second glance.