Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day!

Unless you're Canadian, British, Australian, or a citizen of a Commonwealth country, today you too can pretend to celebrate an additional holiday. Anglophiles the world around can rejoice! Rest assured, like all holidays worth celebrating these days, the holiday has been transformed from the feast day of St. Stephen to a day of after-Christmas shopping and general consumer excess. I suppose you could always stay home and watch cricket, though.

This could be a tonic to Americans feeling bummed out that Christmas is over, wishing to have something to celebrate in the interim.

In unrelated news, ever since the water main broke in Bethesda, the unit has been functioning on a contingency plan to consolidate patients and conserve water usage. This means that the alcoholics who would normally be housed on the first floor have been transferred up here. In countless other hospitalizations, I have found that combining psychiatric patients and addicts is a recipe for disaster. I have seen fists fights, verbal altercations, need for physical restraints, and lots of other horrific mental images I'd rather not revisit in my mind. Mostly I dislike having nine strangers in the place of what would have been a quiet holiday with only two other fellow patients---since most other people went home for Christmas.

Add this to the fact that I am being swiftly tapered off of my Seroquel, meaning I'm having awful withdrawal symptoms and you may understand where my frame of mind is these days. Still, the alcoholics will be back where they belong on Monday, within two weeks the side effects will subside, and the protocol will begin on 12 January. Thanks for all those who have been looking out for me. You are loved.


Anonymous said...

I realize that must be difficult to be in a different space this year and going through the medication changes just add to the situation. I hope you are well and am keeping a good thought of you.

Utah Savage said...

I left you a long, detailed comment and then blogger told me I'm not who I say I am, and I had to try five times to get reregister my blog with them again--happens every couple of months for me. This makes me so damned mad, I start screaming obscenities at my computer. So much for my sanity.

Another opportunity for an under-celebrated holiday is Kwanzaa. Should get a lot more popular now that we'll have a black President. Happy Boxing Day