Friday, December 12, 2008

What I Meant To Write About

1. How the recently deceased Betti Page was a cult figure for geeks, hipsters, and the bohemian set.

2. How I dated a woman (briefly) who cut her hair like Betti Page. If only she had the looks to go along with the hair style.

3. How I met a man once, the sort of man with a ponytail and 100% black clothing, who told me to please let me know if you find a woman who looks like Betti Page. You see, that was his particular fetish. Fetishes have no power except for the fact that they are fetishes.

(That was going to be the point of the whole post)

4. How I wasn't exactly part the target audience for Betti Page adulation, since I normally have a strong dislike for most trends, even trends that appeal more to the socially awkward and mildly eccentric. Case in point. I never had much of an interest in R. Crumb or underground comics and I never purchased how-to manuals at sex stores with titles like When Someone You Love is Kinky or Loving Your Mistress Is Not Enough.

5. How I have nothing more to say.

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Utah Savage said...

I was a fan of Bettie Page. She was the first of her kind. Marilyn Monroe was a very pale imitation of Bettie. Bettie was the original Pin up girl, a comfort to horny GI's the world round. And she did not die a tragic, self destructive death. She was a very old women when she died. I like all these things about Bettie Page.

But I like your power point summery of the reasons you weren't a fan.