Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Treatment Update

At the moment, I'm in a bit of a holding pattern. One of my medications, Seroquel, is being slowly tapered down to nothing. As the dosage has lessened, so too have my periods of anxiety, self-defeating thoughts, and mild paranoia increased. Monday, after rounds, I'll undergo another reduction. It's a lengthy process, 50 mg at a time every week, starting from 450 mg which was my original dose. Some of you have asked for in depth information about the study and for right now, there isn't much in the way of it. Have patience, my friends.

Around the first of the year, however, the Ketamine infusions will begin. That's when the really interesting stuff begins. If I'm feeling up to blogging during the active part of the trial, I'll be sure to document the way I feel and the sensations I experience. I'll also write about the way the procedure is done. My doctor informs me that Ketamine has an anti-depressant quality and also aids in sleep. For right now, knock on wood, I've mostly slept well at night. Even if my sleep worsens, I know I only have three weeks to go before the infusions begin and sleep becomes easier. Ketamine, of course, is a tranquilizer.

In the meantime, I have been getting out and about on a regular basis both to break the monotony of the ward and to deliberately force myself to be around other people. Back home I didn't go out very much and self-isolated, so I've enjoyed the change from being a recluse. I feel a bit like an extended tourist in addition to being a voluntary research patient. And on that note, I will prepare myself for another day's excursion in the wilds of Washington, DC. Have a good week, everyone.


Gail said...

Hi Kevin-

It was nice to read/hear of your progress and also, what I read as a relaxed acceptance of this amazing part of your journey to wellness.

I am off to physical therapy today for my balance and endurance exercises. Hopefully, I will be cleared to return to work when I see the neurologist tomorrow.

Have a great day.


Utah Savage said...

Thanks for the update. Not that I'm loathe to hear of your journeys about the town, but as another bipolar patient, this treatment is most interesting to me. I'm glad you don't take my interest in treatment as voyeuristic and creepy.

Comrade Kevin said...

No worries, Utah.

If the roles were reversed, I'd like to know about new treatment options myself.

I think you'd qualify for a study, as a matter of fact. You might want to contemplate applying. If you're curious, I'll show you how to to do it.

Utah Savage said...

I'd be interested in the information to take to my next Shrink appointment. Which I should make now. I've been doing fairly well, and so hate like hell to mess with meds since that always results in some not always great results and sometimes unpleasant side effects. There are two things that scare me about some bipolar drugs like tremors. I had one experience for a long time of antipsychotic med that made my hands shake so bad I couldn't type. Then I've had loss of creativity with certain drugs. Maybe not all creativity, but the ability to write. So I hate to mess with what seems to be working.

I would be an insufferable motor mouth if it were not for this outlet. Slightly manic, but not manic enough to really clean my house. So I'm not worried that I'm in real trouble. If I were on my knees scrubbing floors I'd be worried.

PENolan said...

Wishing you well.

Freida Bee said...

I am glad you are blogging this, as well.

Take care, Kev.