Friday, February 29, 2008

Wishful Thinking from Clinton Supporters

Sorry, try again, Susan.

This sounds like wishful thinking from a woman who has already served as Clinton apologist and unabashed Hillary supporter. What you are really saying is that since Hillary has proved herself largely impotent to slow Obama's momentum, the jury's still out on whether McCain and the GOP can accomplish the same, so then that the only chance for Hillary to win will be a negative media backlash. And yes, that would probably succeed except for the fact that it's an implausible scenario unless Obama says something extremely offensive on the record or something extremely degrading is discovered about him, which although possible, is highly unlikely to occur.

Now, I will concede you this. The press will turn on Obama eventually, but my feeling is that a more realistic timeframe would be closer to 4-6 months after being elected, assuming he wins the Democratic nomination and defeats John McCain in November in the General. No one is friends with the press for long and the very people who shout your hosannas at the outset will be the first to dance on your grave. But again, this sounds like spite and bile from a person whose candidate is not longer Miss Scarlett at the ball. Listen, Hillary, you ain't never gonna be a size 6 again, okay?

Do not forget that Bill Clinton enjoyed a brief honeymoon lasting roughly the same period of time from the press and that it petered out very shortly, particularly after the Hillarycare backlash of 1993 which arguably cost the Democrats control of both the House and the Senate a year later.

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