Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bad News

Dear Beloved Readership,

Comrade Kevin has the flu. As his second job, he works at a library, and likely contracted it there. One of the children's librarians came down with the disease Monday and missed work yesterday because of it. It is going around, you might say, and this was apparently my time to get it.

Please give me time to comment on your blog posts when I am feeling better. I appreciate and love you all and your comments recently have been very uplifting and appreciated. I will feel better. About the only thing you can due for any virus, including influenza is rest in bed and that is all I intend to do for the next several days.

Thanks for understanding,

Comrade Kevin.


Fran said...

Oh my dear- please feel better!!!

Mauigirl said...

So sorry you have the flu. There is a nasty virus going around at work that is LIKE the flu but isn't. Which makes me worried - I had the flu shot but it won't help against this.

In the meantime I'm coming down with a plain old cold. Home today because of a power outage at work - good timing!

Feel better soon!

joshhill1021 said...

I hope you feel better. I have heard that the shot that they were giving was not for the right strain of flu anyway, so even if you got the shot you still may get sick.

Anonymous said...

CK -

Ol' 'Grain was down for the count last week for three days (plus the weekend), and I had the flu shot.

Sleep up, man.



Freida Bee said...

Please get well soon. I also ailed from a flu. Suct. This stuff helped me though. Seriously.