Saturday, February 02, 2008

Vote Cabbage Head in 2012!

Okay, those last two posts were a little on the morose side.

Evil Spock has his candidate already set up for 2012. Now I'm running mine.

Vote for the candidate with a CABBAGE FOR A HEAD!

*He had a bad childhood.


Westcoast Walker said...

Great idea, only Cabbage Head is a Canadian, so you may have to lobby for some constitutional changes in order for him to qualify. Still though, we could get him elected as Prime Minister here in Canada and he could neogiate some great free trade deals with the U.S. I hear the cabbage lobby loves him - finally someone who understands!

Comrade Kevin said...

Now, now, now.

What President would let a silly little thing like THE CONSTITUTION get in his way?

Dr. Zaius said...

Yay! A new presidential candidate!

s. douglas said...

I'm confused. I thought that guy was already the President.

No wonder I never got a response about the salad shooter I sent to the White House.

Batocchio said...

As I wrote over at Zaius Nation: Great series, that was.

And hey! He can go up against the guy in the Reagan mask!