Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Video, Protest Style

Comrade Kevin is part English, part Scotch-Irish, and half Irish. He also enjoys protest songs and John Lennon. This is a cover from Lennon's ill-fated album, itself a commercial and critical disaster, Sometime in New York City, where he made the mistake, never again repeated, of letting Yoko sing lead vocals on a regular basis. The whole album itself was a flop and his marriage with Yoko from the release of this album on, in 1972, was contentious for the next several years.

The troubles have changed for the better in Northern Ireland, but we must not forget the years of turmoil and bloodshed that came before. I've modified the words slightly to fit today's times, the progress made, the history of the conflict, and my own situation, but the overall message is the same. We talk about Kenya and Darfur, but we may neglect to recognize that genocide is an epidemic that hardly began recently. The good news is that the problems with Northern Ireland have reached a largely peaceful resolution through diplomacy and I hope the same result occurs with Kenya, Darfur, and other regions of the world where genocide still rages unchecked.

The reason I'm putting this video up here in lieu of an actual post is that I have to work today at the library and on my online class. I simply don't have time to write a post today. I hope you don't mind. Many of you have expressed support and pleasure when I've posted videos before.

One wonders why this isn't played by the opponents of Notre Dame's sports teams when they beat the Fighting Irish. :-)

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