Monday, February 04, 2008

Okay, Not Like This

Author's Note:

When I said "conscience", I didn't imply this, I hope.

H/T Blue Gal


Dr. Zaius said...

That's hilarious! Let's hope that all of the Democrats take heed.

Anonymous said...

Democrats suck off the corporate teet just as much as the Republicans...for all their so-called "passion" and "charisma" and "Feeling our pain" they have forgotten the common American, the poor, and the working class...
voting a Dem. is just same shit, diff. party...THAT is why Independents continue to give a finger to the rest of the political heirarchy and this two party "system" which is only designed to keep politicians in power

Yes, the video was FUNNY. I'm not gonna cry in my cereal over it.
Although, not too many Dems were laughing in 2000, and who did they blame? Not themselves, surely.
Just like the GOP blamed someone besides THEMSELVES in 1992...

I hope Obama is the real deal, but I fear that as with most charismatic politicians, he'll only break our hearts later when we realize he's just another asshole Politician like the rest of them...


Comrade Kevin said...


You and I both fear the very same things. You and I and many people say the same things. But Obama, to his credit, has addressed them repeatedly and did so in his speech after Super Duper Tuesday last night.

The Dems blame themselves, or at least those of us in the grassroots blamed ourselves.

Had there been a grassroot bloggin network of *shudders* Republican, they would have done it in 1992 as well.

Obama needs support from Independent voters like you to beat Clinton!

Batocchio said...

Great stuff. I think "We are Legion" belongs to the GOP, tho. ;-)

The difference between the Dems and the Republicans was evident in the stimulus vote. The Dems tried to help out the poor and needy, the GOP said screw that, and the Dems said, oh well, we tried.

Some of them are good, and some do try, but some are shills and the leadership is gutless.

Meanwhile, the GOP is just evil, unless you're already rich and powerful.