Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Hillary Supporters Everywhere

All aboard! The sinking ship is leaving!

Dear Hillary,

On The Horizon

These are a few of the states I'm in
The first one Jersey, the second one thin

The nicest thing of mine is yours
So take a letter down
And send it to the highest bidder

On my team and my horizon
And you'll shine in that scene capitalizing
Now just the thing for me is baby let me be
Because someone's gotta sign on the dividing line

I'll be setting up my sights
To watch me programming all the glamor rights

The thing for you to do was leave
I'll see you when it's snowing
And give me back the master key

To my place on the horizon
And we'll shine all of time capitalizing
And you'll beat out all the odds of staying thin

Wouldn't you like to keep moving
Your life would be slightly improving ?

When you better come on by
And take a letter down
And send it out as sympathy

For my team on the horizon
And we'll shine all in that scene capitalizing
So just sign it, underline it

And represent the scapegoats
And we will blame it on you

'Cause someone had to state it
So I could imitate it masterfully


Comrade Kevin.

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