Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let There Be More Light

As a Quaker, the word "light" resonates with me powerfully, particularly when it regards God's presence within a person and to a direct and personal experience of God. Quakers believe that God speaks to everyone, but that in order to hear his voice, one must learn to be still and actively listen for it; what Paul Lacout called a "silence which is active."

We believe not only that individuals can be guided by this Inner Light, but that Friends should meet together and receive collective guidance from God by sharing the concerns and leadings that he gives to individuals. It is a light that creates no deities or false prophets. It is a light that does not resort to blind optimism. It is a light that challenges each individual to listen and be awake.

So, let there be more light, America.

Far, far, far away
People heard him say

I will find a way
There will come a day

Something will be done.

Then at last the mighty ship
Descending on a point of flame
Made contact with the human race
and melted hearts

Now, now, now is the time

Time to be aware

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