Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Over (Big Surprise)

You can ride off in the sunset now with what remains of your dignity. The media decided that you deserved to have the last word.

So you had it. And it was about as forced and authentic as you are. So no, you do not get the right to gloat how you won one final utterly symbolic, and totally meaningless battle that was pitched to you underhanded in case you swing and miss. You won one rigged battle and lost the war.

And history is written by the victors, Mrs. Clinton.

I've seen Nazi rallies that were better choreographed.

By the way, Mrs. Clinton, the woman who photographed, choreographed, and directed this bit of stage drama was A WOMAN who has 198% more talent and skill than you will ever had. See that Senate seat I'm pointing at? That's yours, by the way. The people elected you to serve them. I recommend you be the best Senator you can possibly be.

May I advise you to stop referring to yourself as the first woman presidential contender and understand that you are a human being who happens to be second best. Gender is rapidly becoming utterly irrelevant to the debate, as is race, or at least defined in terms you could not possibly begin to understand.

You ran a campaign based on old ideas and it failed. Period.


Dr. Zaius said...

You should say something nice before you kick her out the door. ;o)

Distributorcap said...

lets hope she goes gently into that good night