Friday, December 06, 2013

Dear Troll

Pardon me, readers. I have to get this off my chest. I suppose everyone attracts a troll here and there.

Dear Troll,

I'm not entirely sure why you persist in taking swipes at me. The fact that you have obsessively memorized details of my life, details that could only be achieved by having read my blog for months upon end, is almost flattering. Flattering and creepy, that is. I suppose I don't really understand why you care so much about me. Most people in life tend to be too concerned with their own daily routine. Because of this, they rarely have the inclination or the time to launch such consistent personal attacks.

I'll be blunt. Mostly I'm not sure whether or not you intend to insult me or to have sex with me. People in times past have made similar efforts, much as you have, to get to know me in order to arrange a date. I will at least grant you reluctant credit that you have developed something of an encyclopedic knowledge of me. That being said, I'm not a college course. I'm not to be studied and then regurgitated during a final exam.

Are you seeking to determine if I'm dating material? I highly doubt it, because I'm fairly sure you're a straight male, despite your ambiguous username. But who knows. Anyone willing to memorize the minutia of my life only to throw it back in my face has a vested interest well beyond intended humiliation. Or, maybe you're just jealous. Most people lash out once or twice and then call it a day. You have persisted, for motives and reasons I cannot discern.

You won't respond to this, but maybe you'll read it. Consider spending your time on other pursuits. I've never understood why you've singled me out. If all you dished out was hate, that would be one thing, but underneath it all you're a fan, albeit a particularly misguided one.

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