Friday, December 03, 2010

The Old Originals

I finally got around to recording another original on the multitrack recorder. Until today, I hadn't really been feeling well enough to contribute. To be sure, this song is not terribly new and is close to a year or so old in its current incarnation. Still, I needed to record a better version and hopefully have done so here.

As I do sometimes, I started off with a very basic faux-country chord progression. I then used it as a framework to comment on different people I came in contact with on a frequent basis. With the exception of one verse, I wasn't talking about any single person. Instead, I took the more interesting bits of other people and mashed them up into one. And, for good measure, there are parts of myself in all these characters. I am poking fun at myself as much as anyone else.

I know this guy
We call him Gloomy Bill
Walks in circles all day long
and no one talks to him

He ain't got no worries
No ambitions and no fears

Ask him where he's going
He'll say, "Anywhere but here"

And I say, "Hey Bill
What you doin' now?"

He says,
"It don't really matter to me
I'm just trying to get around."

I know this gal
We call her Spacey Jill

She flaunts her ego all day long
And eats handfuls of pills

She ain't got no worries
No directions and no plans

Ask her where she lost it
She'll say, "Once I knew a man"

And I said, "Hey Jill,
What's that on your hand?"

She says, "That deserves an answer
that you wouldn't understand"

I know this guy
We call him Manic Gill

Talks a mouthful all day long
In a world of pretend

He ain't never lonely
For he's always on the phone

"What's the point of living
if you gotta die alone?"

And I say, "Hey Gill
What's your latest scheme?"

He says, "It's kind of a secret
and you aren't on the right team."

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