Friday, December 03, 2010

Health Update

Dear Friends,

I know additional news has been a long time in coming about my health. Had it not been for a red tape snafu regarding transferring medical records, I would have had the MRI results days before now. Thankfully, my doctor's nurse and I got to the bottom of it, but it wasn't until late yesterday afternoon that my GP had the records in her hands. HIPPA laws are designed to protect patient confidentiality, but they can also completely foul up the entire process.

Having said that, I have finally received word from my doctor regarding the results of the pituitary MRI. Most of it was normal, but there was one problematic area. As was described to me, it could be a small tumor, or not. In any case, if it is a tumor, it is quite small. An adenoma is the medical parlance. So, as I suspected all along, it's off to the endocrinologist for me, at which point, I'm sure there will be many other tests and steps to follow. I meet with the GP on December 13 to discuss where treatment proceeds from here on out and will let you know about what is discussed and decided.

At least I have something to report, though I wish I had more. This condition has to be handled in a series of tiny steps.

Thanks for the prayers, the well-wishes, and the concern. Much more to follow.

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Gail said...


early diagnosis is certainly a good thing - phew. I will continue to pray for you AND "Happy belated Thanksgiving"

Love Gail