Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Recovering to Health

So what happened is this. I was taking a very strong medication to regulate my bipolar disorder, but was taking a high dose. I went toxic, a dangerous condition. It took forever to regulate in the hospital, but I did meet some interesting people there. And I met a girl from back home who small talked with me on the bus.

Sometimes God's blessings are hard to see, but I think angels have been looking over me the past several days. I'm no longer interested in blustering about a court trial. When I almost got there, I got severely sick and couldn't go further. It was just as well, and I put it aside long ago. It is not in the realm of possibilities.

And when you've just had a near-death experience, the world is magical. I can't tell you how I feel/my heart is like a wheel/let me roll it to you. I learned a long time ago that I was going to live a life of poverty to feed my craft a long time ago, and it took the right medium and persistence.

We have but one life, and now I believe in miracles. I was dangerously sick, but then I came back. Not my time. Not my time to go. And I couldn't put my parents and my partner aside. Not yet.

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