Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Long Time Coming

Pardon this recent manic passel of autobiography. Being hospitalized for a week will take it out of you.

Because I champion mental illness awareness, I want to talk about a sensitive subject. I ended up in the hospital because one of my medication, Lithium, got toxic. It was kind of scary there for a while. I am still not ready to tell the whole story. (Where would I even begin?) But they say write what you know. I know a lot by now, but the account is wholly mine.

Maybe it will find its way into other stories. For now, I have reached maximum saturation point. I've missed writing like nobody's business. But though I know many of you are not religious or not, reading the Bible at night gave me comfort in ways I cannot express in words alone and not sure I could do so now. Bob Dylan read the Bible late at night during recording John Wesley Harding, despite being born nominally Jewish.

There's some great old wisdom in that book, but forget the politics and the finger-pointing. Read it if it speaks to you and it helps you, otherwise, set it aside. If it is meant for you, it will be. I survived to tell the tale and that is a miracle in the truest sense, more than Jesus ever did in his time on Earth.

He challenged the system and paid the ultimate price for it. There will be others. See him as a radical prophet if that works for you.

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