Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Perception IS Reality

As a Barack Obama supporter from the beginning, I could, if I so chose, take this opportunity to gloat.

But, following Senator Obama's example, I will refrain. I'm exhausted more than enthused, to be totally honest with you.

The old guard never goes away quietly and I am not surprised that tonight Hillary Clinton has, in effect, chosen to set the terms of her concession. She has, after all, the right and she has the clout. This is, after all, the Clinton machine---Mr. and Mrs. Democratic Party for the last twenty years we're talking about. And, to give this evening some sense of perspective, let's not forget that this wasn't supposed to happen.

Even with Indiana's narrow victory for the junior Senator from New York, this was still Obama's night to celebrate. I never anticipated this kind of race. I fully expected Obama to finish a distant second place and pad his nest for future runs. However, with a combination of luck and good long-range planning, I must give credit where credit is due. I am thrilled at this outcome, but it isn't any resounding kind of rousing victory. This is the way the race ends-- rather like a whimper, instead of a resolute bang.

Those of us who wish to have politics as blood sport have been most displeased. Neither candidate is a knife fighter and there have been no snappy one-liners, devastating revelations, or knock-out punches thrown. There's a large part of me who is, admittedly, frustrated at this result. Perhaps I expect politics as usual.

That being said, those who love dirty politics I think are going to get more than their share when we have Obama versus McCain for the next five-six months. If you are thoroughly sick of Presidential politics, accusations, and mudslinging then kindly tune out starting now because it's going to get much worse and far louder. If you thrive on politics and the minutia of it, then it doesn't get much better than this, my fellow amateur policy wonks.

Now, let us entertain the inevitable speculation regarding Obama's Vice Presidential pick. It will run rampant through Democratic circles and innumerable blog posts for the foreseeable future. I'll probably chime in on that debate in depth later, but suffice to say that if I were Obama would pick Bill Richardson of New Mexico hands down; I believe that the historical precedent of an African-American and Latino on the same ticket would make a powerful statement to this nation and the rest of the world. That's just my two cents. Take it for what you will. No doubt you out there reading this have your equally valid pick and I look forward to seeing it for at least the next two weeks solid.

Let's heal our wounds and head to November. At long last, it seems to be over.

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Mauigirl said...

Well said. And I agree about Richardson. Many of the pundits were wondering if he'd pick Hillary but I don't think that will necessarily be to his benefit. I think she should have a role but perhaps a cabinet position would be more appropriate.