Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Passing of the Torch

Today's Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting will show how much clout Team Hillary really has. Conversely, it will also show to what degree Team Obama will concede to her demands under the pretense of party unity. This is merely a power-play designed to show the influence of the Clintons within the Democratic party and a way to force her way onto the ticket as Obama's Vice President.

You can't really blame Team Clinton for going to this extreme; they don't have any other choice.

Much of what will transpire today will be largely ceremonial and heavily scripted, as are many of these sorts of affairs. In an average year, this would be a matter only for party insiders, media, and extreme policy wonks. It's a unique way for newbies to the political scene like yours truly to observe the pomp and circumstance and the inner workings of the system.

If there were any such thing as true fairness in life, then both Michigan and Florida would re-vote. Yes, it really is that simple. Yet, at this point in time doing so would clearly benefit Hillary Clinton, at least in Florida, so this won't come to pass.

You can analyze this situation from every perspective imaginable and still be no farther towards understanding what a fair resolution should be. This is also meant to be a corrective measure, to prevent state legislatures from moving primaries up farther and farther up in the calendar. Team Clinton set the parameters and front-loaded a super Tuesday, a near-national primary that was meant to establish her nomination as soon as possible. As we all know now, that did not come to pass and instead created the delicate, confusing situation we are dealing with right now.

Democratic weariness with the current Bush administration created this situation. This is a way for the national Democratic party to re-assert its control over rebelling state Democratic parties. It is also a bit of a pep rally to reinforce major Democratic talking points.

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