Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The art of compromise is a concept the recently elected Democratic Congress should pay more than just lip service towards accomplishing.

Compromise, on a bi-partisan basis, requires a skill called tact.


Let us assume that the discussion of Hillary R. Clinton comes up in the course of debate. Let us assume that the topic shifts to the personality of Ms. Clinton and let us say she has come across as rather unfriendly.

A person from different regions of the country would respond to this pronouncment in different ways.

1. Southern: "Mrs. Clinton is a control freak, bless her heart."
2. New England: "She's a total bitch."

Neither answer is correct.

The correct answer is somewhere in between the Passive-aggressive evasiveness of the South and the BLUNT honesty of New England.

Suggested Answer:

Mrs. Clinton is a formidable force in the party. Despite the fact that she can come across as rather impersonal on a face-to-face basis, I understand the importance of working together to accomplish our goals. After all, we are stewards of the peoples' trust and they elected us to get the job done.

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