Monday, November 13, 2006


Now that we've secured the majority, it's time to clean house.

Let's make sure we purge away all the people who give Democrats a bad name.

This includes:

1. Rev. Al Sharpton
2. Jesse Jackson
3. James Carville
4. Marion Barry
5. John Kerry

If we intend to keep power, we'll need to be known as the Anti-Wingnut party.

I feel a bit conflicted with this victory. The mass of Americans who voted for Democrats this time around are far more moderate than I am. I consider myself liberal, but (and this is a big but) with a sense of irony. I fear any ideology that does considers itself infallible and immune to tweaking. The God word for this concept is "idolatry".

We should not let the radical left hyjack our agenda. The neo-con far right are what effectively did in the GOP this time around. May we never lose sight of that as we press forward.

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