Saturday, May 02, 2020

Saturday Video

I've been thinking about when
I was trying to be your friend
I thought it was then
But it wasn't
It wasn't genuine
I was just so furious
But I couldn't show you
'Cause I know you
And I know what you can do
And I don't wanna war with you
I won't afford it
You get sore even when you win
And you maim when you're on offense
But you kill when you're on defense
And you've got them all convinced
That you're the means and the end
All the VIPs and PYTs and wannabes
Afraid of not being your friend
And I've always been too smart for that
But you know what?
My heart was not
I took it like a kid, you see
The cool kids voted to get rid of me
I'm ashamed of what it did to me
What I let get done
They stole my fun
They stole my fun
Fetch the bolt cutters
I've been in here too long…

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