Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here Are the News

I've been offered the ability to make some income and boost my writing profile in the process. The major issue at play is that of rights and ownership. Any content I submit for publication that their editors approve will no longer be mine. They'll have sole rights to it from then on. This also means I won't be able to cross-post content here or at other places online. I'm not sure whether hyperlinks are acceptable or not, but I will ask.

This could be a break of sorts, but I'm a little uncomfortable signing everything away. Still, I am strongly leaning towards this option. Money is a powerful incentive. Should I proceed forward, this blog may look a little sparse from now going forward. Until this moment, I've used this site as a repository for almost everything I write. That's likely going to change.

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Anonymous said...

I am pretty so I read this more than any one else. So no one will care if this looks sparce. Does this hurt your anti-capatalism argument if you actually have a job. You do know the communist version of unemployment is a labor camp. You should be more thankfull than most you live in the US.