Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Waiting Game

I have to sit and wait in an office today. Had things been handled properly, this visit would have been completely unnecessary. However, I submitted the appropriate paperwork twice through the mail and no action was made. This necessitates a face-to-face visit. I suspect they don't know what to do with the forms, even though protocol states that they should. I was granted a payment, then the payment was taken back due to an internal audit. Even though the screw up was theirs, not mine, I was still punished for it. I've filed an appeal twice requesting that the money should be returned to me.

A believer in good government, I am not a believer in the Logic of Rules. There is nothing more illogical than rules to correct other rules. There is nothing more confusing than rules that complicate existing rules for no good reason. And, mostly, I don't want to have to sacrifice several hours of my time dealing with something that should have been corrected months ago. I'll be back tomorrow, probably.

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