Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is the first Thanksgiving Day I have been away from home. When I was a child, I remember walking downstairs into the den about this time of the morning and smelling the smell of five dishes cooking simultaneously. My Grandmother was over and helping my mother with the meal. Some families ate closer to dinner, but we always eat around noon. As I was rubbing the sleep out of the eyes, I would awake to find the Macy's Parade playing on the television in the den. Like many, we kept the distinctly American custom of putting something on television but not even feigning much to watch it. I think the parade is everyone's background visual/white noise for the morning, kind of like that Yule Log film one sees around Christmas time.

If it were up to me, everyone would be off on Thanksgiving Day to spend time with their families. I feel sorry for the nurses who have to work today and take care of us, though I have been told they are getting holiday pay. I'm tempted not not to travel off of the ward today so that I am one less person on the streets that someone has to contend with on a holiday. Some places are open, but many are not. Everyone here has been jumping up and down about going to Old Navy to shop but I'd rather be caught dead than actively support child labor. Still, the fact that they've kept their doors open does insinuate that they are in financial trouble and so far as I'm concerned, they can go under for all I care.

I will also be observing this timely holiday tomorrow in lieu of Black Friday. Anyone wish to join me? In addition to being socially conscious, you'll also not have to worry about finding a place to park. Nor will you have to fight your way through the crowds.

When I was in college and working in a shopping mall, if only people had followed this advice on the Day after Thanksgiving.


Mauigirl said...

Thinking of you on Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy a lovely dinner today.

I miss my childhood Thanksgivings too. We used to go to my grandmother's and she did the whole dinner - my mom just had to bring one dish to help out.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kevin. I never go shopping on Black Friday. That is a recent tradition, not very old really, and is not part of my vocabulary as far as I am concerned.

Utah Savage said...

I have nothing but memories of one Thanksgiving horror after another. Now that I'm the only one left alive in my family, I have happy Thanksgivings.

I have a very close friend who works in an Emergency ward. She always volunteers to work holidays to give those with families the time off and for the holiday pay.

I'm completely with you on the Black Friday thing. I will do no shopping for Christmas. It always seemed odd to me that anyone in my family celebrated that particular holiday since we were a bunch of atheists. I do my gift giving when the spirit strikes. And that usually isn't during the holiday season.

Whatever you do today, I wish you a very sincere Happy Thanksgiving.

Batocchio said...

Have a good Thanksgiving. Black Friday is best to avoid.

PENolan said...

So far, my solitary holiday is working out beautifully. With luck I'll avoid getting dressed for days.

Gail said...

Hi Kevin-

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving even though you are away. I have worked on Thanksgiving, and Christmas and other holidays as well. Addiction services is 24/7 - 365 a year.

Our day wa delicious, loving, fun and peaceful

And I would NEVER shop today. No way. :-)


Jess Wundrun said...

I hope your thanksgiving was a good one. You were in my thoughts yesterday.

I won't buy a thing, I promise!