Monday, November 10, 2008

Breaking News (And an Anecdote)

I've called all three of my U.S. representatives. Two of them have put me on a waiting list and one rude woman at Senator Pissant's office claims that all the tickets to the Inauguration have been given out. This seems a little bit strange since I was told in no uncertain terms that not even a single ticket has been even printed yet; as such, no Senator or Representative will know his/her allotted quota until the end of the month. Either his office is lying to me, or they have some kind of backroom, old boy network way of dispersing tickets.

It really annoys me when I try to small talk a little for the sake of being social and end up speaking with someone who acts as though taking my call is a huge imposition. After five seconds on the phone it was obvious she couldn't wait to hang up. Maybe she's mad that a Democrat won the Presidency? No matter.


While out at the Alabama game, Norah got a brief glimpse of what life in a conservative state is like. In between commercials, Obama appeared on the television screen, giving a speech, apparently some kind of promo for a news show. A small, but nonetheless very vocal group of five people sitting in the front of the bar began booing. He'll be their President, too, and I hope Obama can win over even his detractors.


Life As I Know It Now said...

This is off subject but I saw that you have an award over at Westcoast Walkers blog so you ought to check that out.

Karlo said...

While most of the red-blue state this is hype, Alabama is one state that's definitely red. There are evidently many plumbers down there making more than 250 grand a year.