Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Grievance in Brief

Dear Celebrities,

Don't try to make political statements. You're not as informed, nor as insightful, nor as articulate as you think you are. Instead, you just end up sounding foolish.


Comrade Kevin.


The Cunning Runt said...

I'm so out of the loop, I have no idea who stepped in it this time, but I'll trust your judgment:

It's time to play Celebrity STFU!

Utah Savage said...

I can't dis Clooney, or Damon, or Jolie or ... well, there are some pretty smart celebrities out there. Not all celebrities are Paris Hilton stupid, or Jessica Simpson stupid, right? Who do you have in mind. I'll probably agree with you, but that's a pretty broad statement.

Comrade Kevin said...

Utah and CR,

It was mostly listening to the rants of celebrities bitching about Proposition 8. I think it's wrong that it passed too, but they sound like ignorant children.

And yes, Utah, I shouldn't paint all celebrities with such a broad brush, but for every literate celeb, there are five who are wholly misinformed, using their personal soapbox for all the wrong reasons.