Sunday, December 02, 2007

Updates, Updates

Parnate has produced some low-grade nausea for the past couple days. This is a merely temporary side effect that I'll easily fight through. My appetite is minimal at best, and I can already clearly visualize the pounds dropping off of me. If this keeps up, I'll be thirty pounds lighter by February/March.

I appreciate your words of support, Readership. Dealing with this for years and years has made me tough, resilient, and persistent. What I'm dealing with now is hardly anything new. As a matter of fact, things have been much worse before. I'm very glad you did not know me in my late teens, which were a nightmare combination of constant bouts of hospitalization and trauma unthinkable.

I was a nervous, high-strung, fearful child. The onset of my first bouts of depression occurred when I was sixteen and I developed full-blown bipolar when I was in my early twenties.

I'm looking forward to perusing your blogs, leaving comments, and getting back to politics as usual.

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Fran said...

CK- I wish you only healing and good days ahead. You are most courageous.