Monday, December 10, 2007

New Songs

I've been experimenting with a multi-track recorder and have set down two songs.

1. Motion Pictures

2. At The Zoo


In other news, I am pleasantly surprised that Barack Obama has made substantial gains on Clinton's lead. This is from someone who volunteered to help with campaign before bowing out over serious disagreements with the strategy. He has come out swinging in recent days but I still hold serious doubts. Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be a candidate with serious flaws. Had they been exposed before now, I doubt she could have effectively solidified her base of support.

What almost goes without saying is although Obama has made great strides in recent weeks, she still leads him overwhelmingly in all but a few states. Obama has set himself up on a course to take the nomination in a fight on the floor of the Convention, which ironically I find much more likely a scenario in the GOP convention.

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Kevin Hayden said...

Really nice. Motion Picture has an ethereal quality to it... very beautiful. Nice work!