Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Video

I came of age just in time to bask in the dying embers of the early 90's Britpop movement. By the time I entered high school and was intellectually mature enough to properly understand it, the early exuberance and complementary manic energy had long since faded. Instead, what remained were melodic, albeit melancholy discourses like these that seemed to be asking , a la The Kinks, Where Have All The Good Time Gone?

This song "Beetlebum", released in 1997 and featured on the group's self-titled effort, which also notably Blur's first widespread American success, has been long rumored to be about heroin addiction. A UK number one for one week at the end of January 1997, it was ultimately displaced by LL Cool J in the UK Singles Chart. Though a fan's favorite and even a personal favorite of number one competitor Noel Gallagher of Oasis, "Beetlebum" had a rather limited stay in the charts during the time of its release.

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