Sunday, September 21, 2008

Signs You Might Be Living in a Red State

1. When putting gas in your car, the two good old boys in the wasteful gas guzzler across your way shoot you looks of pure hate. Apparently boiling over with rage because you have the gall to vote for a Democrat and publicly display said political persuasion to the outside world, they sneer at your Obama button while expressing their utter contempt for you and your candidate in dangerously, recklessly chain smoking too close to the pump. Apparently people like this love to play with fire---fire is an apt description of just what they might get someday, because behavior like this seriously risks igniting gasoline fumes and being blown sky high in the process.

2. A Democratic candidate running against the incumbent Republican representative for the House finds himself the target of an particularly caustic, harsh attack ad broadcast on local television. In it, the challenger currently leading in the polls finds himself being painted as a New York, tax and spend, ultra-liberal in the person of two grumpy old white guys who pepper their righteous indignation with heavy southern accents and countrified vernacular. All of this takes place as these antique bumpkins delivery their lines while lounging on the tailgate of a pickup truck parked somewhere in a heavily wooded rural area.

3. Though there aren't as many John McCain stickers on cars this time around as there were W stickers in excess four years ago, there are still more of them then you'd ever wish to see.

4. A friend of yours who has converted to Islam regularly receives hate mail.


There are more, many more, but this will do for now.


Liberality said...

I haven't seen any McCain stickers around here at all! Shock!!! I just realized this while reading your post.

Anonymous said...

Sounds oh so familiar.