Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Song

This week's Saturday Song is dedicated in part to Blue Gal who will get the reference.

Devo were a new wave/geek rock group of Kent State University students who created a band based on a half-baked theory that humanity was de-evolving, hence DEVO. They created a whole world of bizarre characters and equally bizarre thematic elements that was as campy as it was cerebral. After subsisting as an underground sensation and darling of the college radio crowd for its first two albums, Devo achieved a degree of mainstream success with the quirky hit "Whip It". This song, "Jocko Homo" summarizes the mock-theory of Devo in a few sentences. The video features the original version of the song, which I much prefer to that which came later.

Mark Motherbaugh, the group's main songwriter later achieved success, scoring feature films and creating the soundtrack for popular childrens' television shows.


I'm not quite sure why youtube is giving people fits. I myself had a hard time accessing certain videos yesterday. If you can't view this video or any of the other posted on my blog, I recommend refreshing. If that doesn't work, then you may need to wait until later and hope matters are resolved then.


Gail said...

Hi Kevin -
I can't seem to 'hear' the music or the words on your 'Saturday Song or the Obesity video w/the chicken. :-(

Is it on my end? Anyone else having a problem hearing the you tube videos?


Gail said...


no audio on the president's debates either for me. again - :-(


Comrade Kevin said...

Hello Gail,

YouTube has been having some issues recently.

Try it again soon! It seems to be working now on my end, but that doesn't mean that it'll stay that way.

Gail said...


I just tried it again - nada. Also, I clicked on "I'll Be Your Mirror", which I have bookmarked so I can go to it and listen intently whenever I want without having to search - anyway, it played just fine. So it is the recent stuff that is not coming through.


Utah Savage said...

I had a friend in the early seventies who hung out with Devo. She was married to the classical violinist and Paganini virtuoso, Eugene Fodor, who was very famous at the time. I had given her a painting of mine as a wedding present. She told me the DEVO guys liked it. It hung in her apartment in Manhattan. I was not into Devo's music--but more into the visual esthetic.