Monday, September 29, 2008

Sign of the Times

Today's Howard Fineman's column underscores what many on blogs have been saying for the past several days. In brief, the dual theories of trickle-down-economics and "the business of America is business" have fallen by the wayside. To some degree, it's nice to be proven right, though it's hollow consolation considering how wrecked the economy is at the moment. Expect more government oversight and tight controls upon the private sector. Also expect constant cries of "socialism" and "communism" from the right. Times have changed and the traditional GOP talking points don't hold water anymore.

Let them vent. If they had any new ideas and weren't beholden to positions that have proven to be not just wrong, but disasterous, they might be worthy of our attention. As I reflect back upon eight years of George W. Bush I think about how many Republican ideals have been shown to be wrong---not just a little bit wrong, but totally wrong. A party supposedly governed by financial restraint swelled the federal deficit to record heights. A party loathe to provide needed regulation under the pretense of not wishing to hamstring business failed to learn from the lessons of Hoover. A party often opposed to foreign entanglements followed its leader into a misguided war for oil and aimed to establish a permanent base of operations in the Middle East. A party supposedly guided by Reagan's assertion that government's scope should be minimal grew like a cancerous growth.

These are just the first few examples that come to mind. There are many more. I knew long ago that the only way the American people would disregard the failed policy of our conservative opponents is if they dramatically self-destructed. We get to say I-told-you-so but I mostly hope this means that we'll conclusively resolve that voodoo economics and favors to big business are enemies of the state.


Utah Savage said...

This is a perfect post! You and I are so in tune on this issue. I can't help but cheer a little bit as I watch the Republicans vote against their President and his Secretary of the Treasury, and their leadership to defeat the interests of their paymaster. And the dow drops the most points ever in a single day. It was breath taking on so many levels.

Liberality said...

You probably have watched the documentary "The Corporation" already but if you haven't you should. It explains how corporations have degraded our culture and the environment and the corporations are pretty much psychopaths personified.

I also think the bailout is another underhanded way for the rich to raid the social security trust funds.