Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Blast from the Past

After all the speculation, spin, and pontification this is kind of how I feel about Sarah Palin.


Batocchio said...

Rick Perlstein posted this a while back with the title "Don't Laugh" - as he pointed out, they won.

Cee Jay said...

Now that's pretty scary!

Robin Edgar said...

It gets scarier Cee Jay -

"We cannot let this woman get away with these lies, half-truths, and outright fabrications."

Let me edit that for you Comrade Kevin -

We cannot let this woman get away with these half-truths and whole lies.

Her theme tune, Heart's Barracuda, says it all -

You lying* so low in the weeds
Bet you gonna amBush me
You'd have me down on my knees
Wouldn't you, Barracuda?

Back over Time when we were all trying for free
Met up with porpoise and me
No right no wrong you're selling a Song - a name
whisper game

If the real thing don't do the trick
You better make up something quick
You gonna burn it out to the wick
aren't you, Barracuda?

I know it's a catchy tune and all. . . but did anyone at the Republican Party bother to listen to, or read, Barracuda's lyrics before choosing it as the unofficial theme song for would-be Vice President Sarah Palin aka Sarah Barracuda?

* Can U*Us say inU*Uendo? ;-)

Robin Edgar said...

For the record Spiro Agnew inspired the following paraphrase I came up with the other day. . .

The yammering Yahoos of U*Uism ;-)

He and his speech writers seemed to be big on alliteration.