Monday, September 22, 2008

Crumbling Land

In a while I'll find the time
to make the sunshine mine

in a smile I saw a single eagle in the sky
wheeling, soaring, gliding high

On a hill there lived a man
with many shining things

shiny gold, shiny car and
shiny diamond rings
wining, dining, shining king

Now the eagle flies in clear blue skies
drinking in the clear blue well

back here on the ground
another dealer coughs and dies
but fifty more come rolling
off the floor production line

Then a man commuting
like a village on the sand
in his hand a moving picture
of the crumbling land

screaming, dealing, movie man

Here we go, hold your breath
to see if something blows

close your eyes, count till ten
and see the sunrise rise

gliding high into the sky
By the holy mansion,
let the guardian rise

upon the finger of the king
on high the eagle flies,
that glitter all of gold
then wheeling in a cloudy sky,
he flies into the sun

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