Monday, September 19, 2011

Late Update

I am en route back home as I type this out. My bus didn't depart until 3, so I spent time doing other things online at a Starbucks. For the life of me, I cannot understand why any large establishment would have only one bathroom. A native told me that this was commonplace for Tribeca, but I fail to see the logic. Instead, one had to wait for five to ten minutes at a time just to use the facilities.

One can never see all of New York in three and a half days. Nor did I expect to, really. The last time I visited I was here for ten days consecutively playing tourist and only managed a fraction of my wishlist. What I will say is that I enjoyed Meeting for Worship at the historic Fifteenth Street Meeting. What troubles me is their attendance woes. A Meetinghouse that sits several hundred only had 35 in attendance. A vocal ministry delivered during Worship made this problem quite clear. The size of the Worship space made the small turnout even more pronounced.

One wonders if this is also true for the other Meetings in the area.

I also was glad I made a minor pilgrimage to the Stonewall Inn, which is where it all began. In spaces that are heavily queer, I must admit I feel conflicted. Much of my own non-straight identity I often suppress out of shame, but in a setting where it is acceptable to display same-sex attraction, I begin to loosen up a little. It makes me wonder how I'd respond all the time if homosexual expression was as commonplace as heterosexual expression. I found it both liberating and overwhelming. I'd love to know if other bisexual folks feel the same way I do.

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