Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where are we going?

What is the next crusade for UUs to lead?

Some say gay rights--but the difference between Civil Rights and Gay Rights are that it's impossible to hide the color of own skin. It's very easy to hide one's sexual orientation.

And are crusades possible in this day and age? If so, how? Is the internet the way to go about it?

I think of Unitarians as crusading, activist people.

Where is UUism going? What can we all do to advance the faith and get it out to the unknowing?

As I've mentioned in a few comments: an ad campaign ran in the the 1980s.

Are you a Unitarian Universalist and don't know it?

If so, then I can certainly explain what we are the best way I can. I hope it's for you.

I challenge all of you to come up with your own elevator speech. We don't have to think alike to love alike, as Francis David, a Hungarian Unitarian so eloquently put it 500 years ago.

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