Monday, January 08, 2007

Manifesto 2007

However, to make change in this world, in my opinion, we must make a variety of changes in attitude.

1. Stop being so insular-minded. In other words, it is a natural tendency for us to "circle the wagons" and withdraw within ourselves. I have been guilty of this, too.

To make any actual change or progress against the great societal injustices we see in the world, we will have to work from INSIDE the system, not OUTSIDE the system.

2. Protests are wonderful ways to coalesce support within ourselves, but they do not change things on a larger scale.

3. Money and power have no allegiance to PARTY, NATIONAL BOUNDARIES, and POLTICAL IDEOLOGY.

In examining the 2004 Presidental election, I am further reminded about how democracy is merely a vehicle for capitalism.

Both Bush and Kerry were capitalist hacks...manipulated by the system, to give the appearance that a democratic system actually is in place.

The truth of the matter is that democracy is a sham. The U.S.A. is, at best, a plutocracy. There's a reason why the electoral college is in place, and why it won't ever go away.

The powerful elite don't want direct elections. Think about it.

4. What we need to do to make changes is not to attempt to sabotage the system.

If we burned down the corporate headquarters of every American corporation, it wouldn't matter. They would just relocate in Indonesia or China or somewhere else, where it's probably cheaper to exist anyway.

5. Instead of pissing in the wind (or tilting at windmills), as we like to do...all of us who REALLY care about changing the world need to do one of the following:

---Become very wealthy. After you've become very wealthy, you have bargaining power. Until you have wealth or influence, you might as well not even exist to the people at the top

---Become famous. Being famous means exposure. In this society, for better or for worse, once you're a household name, you have a means to affect the whims and desires of the average person. Think about how many people look up to their favorite sports player or actor/actress. Sad, but true.

Being famous also means that the powerful elite will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say.

---Learn the fine art of "playing dumb"

Learn to talk out of both sides of your mouth, if you haven't learned this useful trait already. Keep your true agenda hidden. Placate people by "going through the motions". Most people aren't smart enough to realize the difference between true intentions and face value.

6. Understand that true leaders are rare, and that most people are followers.

Most people are quite content to be sheep.

7. Most people who crave leadership roles are in it for all the wrong reasons.

Their real motivations are for their own self-gain and not for the betterment of other people, regardless of what they might say to the contrary.

Having said all of this...I want your responses.

I believe we can change the world, but doing so requires a complete paradigm shift. It will not be will require a lot of effort. But the rewards will be quite thrilling indeed.

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