Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Possibility of Defeat?

This in response to a recovered? alcoholic, born-again Christian who happens to be our president.

Good try, Bushie.

For from a broader point of view it is not our President but America that is unique among the peoples of the world. This peculiarity arises out of the American legend of success and victory, a legend that is not shared by any other people of the civilized world. The collective will of this country has simply never know what it means to be confronted by complete frustration.

Whether by luck, by abundant resources, by ingenuity, by technology, by organizing cleverness, or by sheer force of arms America has been able to overcome every major historical crisis--economic, political, foreign--with which it has to cope.

This remarkable record has naturally left a deep imprint upon the American mind. It explains in large part the national faith in unlimited progress, in the efficacy of material means, in the importance of mass and speed, the worship of success, and the belief in the invincibility of American arms.

Driven by these fantasies, provocations, and frustration there is the danger that America may be tempted to exert all the terrible power she possess to compel history to conform to her own illusions.

Particularly the illusions of an recovered alcoholic, born-again Christian and a bunch of money-hungry members of his inner circle.

The extreme, but by no means the only expression, would be the so-called preventative war.

This is what we have done, for the sake of fighting the War on Terror.

Doing so would be to commit the worst heresy of the Marxists and of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party: stating that by dogma and good intentions alone they can compel history to conform to the pattern of their dreams by the ruthless use of force.

Having opened Pandora's Box, where do we go now?

If we pull out now, will we embolden terrorists? Will Iran develop nuclear weapons?

Or, was 9/11 just another manifestation a state rapidly growing towards Fascism?

Was 9/11 another Tolken Gulf Incident? Was it another Harper's Ferry? Was it another night of Broken Glass?

Are Muslims our scapegoats, rather than Jews or Yankees or the Viet Cong?

Are all Muslims terrorists? Are all Jews evil? Are all Yankees out to destroy the Southern Way of Life? Or are all Viet Cong out to destroy capitalism: Mom, God, and Apple Pie?

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