Thursday, January 25, 2007

Purple State Logic

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently.

Atlanta was certainly a step up from Birmingham. I'm glad I moved here.

It's a city in transition, growing by leaps and bounds, but it has a sort of existential quality to it. Sort of like Unitarianism at the moment.

What are we? What do we wish to become? Where are we going? What will push us forward?

In all honesty, UUism hasn't been the same since 1968. After the falling out at GA and after the Black Empowerment Crisis--we've been stuck in this self-perpetuating crisis.

The UUA pushes anti-oppression, anti-racism work, which I am opposed to. The reasons why are a post and a half in itself so I'll state my opposition neatly as such: I believe it divides more than it does unify.

The left in general has done a damned good job of subdividing itself ever since the Civil Rights Movement, and particularly after Watergate. I suppose it was inevitable that post-modernism and all the trappings would rear its ugly head at some point in time, but it's that sort of post-modern thinking that has many Unitarian churches stuck fast asleep, basking in the embers of the past rather than moving forward into the present.

The new Left is emerging. As for what it will be, I think there are many names. I think a new spirit of unity is growing, and growing only because it has to, which is why change occurs in the first place, IMHO.

We're seeking new pioneers. Speaking from a strictly demographic perspective, most of the migration and new growth in the next fifty years will be here in the South. This requires a pioneering spirit of all, particularly Unitarian Universalists.

But we must network together. We must reach out in ways beyond our own individual cities. Is the internet the catalyst for this ever-changing-world-in-which-we-live-in? Maybe, and maybe not.

I wish I were wise enough to know for sure, but I shall conclude thusly:

"It is better to know some of the questions than all the answers."- James Thurber.

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