Friday, December 01, 2006

History Repeats Itself

Dear readers,

I apologize for not blogging yesterday. I had an AMAZING day yesterday, which I will blog about in some detail later. No time right now, though. I've got to clock in to go to work in twenty minutes.

My father sometimes redeems himself. He was at first a supporter of this quagmire we have in Iraq, but around six months ago he said to me: This is such a mistake. This is going to turn out like Vietnam.

I said, Didn't they remember the lessons of Vietnam?

He said, Remember what I've always told you.

Everything hinges on

1. Money
2. Greed
3. Sex
4. Power

These four things drive human nature and drive humans to acts of madness.

I've never forgotten.

May we never have another Iraq/Vietnam quagmire.



Robin Edgar said...

Or any more U*U quagmires for that matter. . . ;-)

Fran / Blue Gal said...

that's four things. Just saying. And you'd better spill.

Comrade Kevin said...

Oh shit.

Thank you, Blue Gal!

*embarrased look*

(My mind gets ahead of my mind sometimes).

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to beg or anything, but please, please, please do not blog about your sex life.

I did say "please" right?

Seriously, gossiping about sex is why God invented the telephone.