Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blogging versus Life

Dear Readership:

I am aware I haven't blogged as frequently as I have previously. Please forgive.

New relationships take up much time. Plus, I seem to be on this new diet called The Sex Diet. Too busy having sex to take time to eat or blog.

I have a cold today, which means that I have called in sick to work. What little voice I have left sounds like Louis Armstrong. I must admit, however, that I am not terribly upset to not have to go into work.

My mantra during this time of year is: at least I don't work retail.

People call in close to the holidays with the strangest requests.

The frenzy of buy, buy, buy coupled with guilt and frustration make for an unpleasant combination. Businesses may make money hand over fist during this time of year, but they also lose lots of customer base. It tests the patience of saints to deal with this time of year properly.

Everyone, employee or customer alike is on a short fuse. The pressure placed on everyone washes over to all aspects of their lives.

I am in a bad mood and have too much to do so I

  • Don't take the time to focus on driving in traffic-- so I cause an accident
  • Cause someone else to have to put off shopping for Christmas presents
  • Lose my patience with the people I work with
  • Rush around manically, trying to get everything done--putting too much on my already full plate
  • Forget that this season is really supposed to be about being good to my fellow brother/sister
  • Increase feelings of tension, resentment, and cast lots of negative energy into the world
May we not forget about peace on earth, goodwill towards fellow person, et al...PLEASE.

P.S. I recommend doing your Christmas shopping online. It totally saves time and prevents you from having to be around rude people.

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