Monday, December 11, 2006


The latest Congressional election shows us what happens when the Reagan Democrats, like my father, for example, return home and vote Blue.

No matter how far we extend the big tent, we're bound to leave people out. Third-party leaning people have long felt disenfranchised and disaffected within the confines of the two party system.

I think part of the problem is that the founding fathers, in a spirit of ostentatious over-optimism, scorned parties altogether. However, no sooner than you could say CONSTITUTION, we had two of them.

I support a multi-party system along the same lines the British House of Commons.

I think the Reagan Democrats, Libertarian, Greens, and almost-socialists like yours truly would feel more at home. Plus, it would force people to build much broader coalitions to pass legislation.

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Robin Edgar said...

It works reasonably well up here in Soviet Canuckistan, especially when we have a minority government as we do at the moment.