Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Video

I Wish- Graham Coxon

I wish the music would play by itself,
Shredded fingers
no ideas

I wish this rainy day could be the last,
Could the world end?
What a Godsend

I wish I could stop
wishing you were here,

But I don't want to
coz' I'd still want you

I wish I didn't
feel so flippin' mad,

Don't wanna scare you
just wanna love you

I wish my life could
last a thousand years,

Then I'd be clever
and build a heaven

I wish I could bring
Nick Drake back to life,

He'd understand
hold my hand

I wish a constant
stream of happy shit,

Live forever
in world of leather

I wish the rain would
just leave me alone,

I can't wear that
stupid rain hat

I wish I was in California
Pernod perfume
in the Danube

I wish the thing of love
meant just one thing


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