Monday, July 06, 2009

And Another One... and its CEO seeks a very deligent, material obsessed copy editor, researcher and speech writer to join its team immediately. This will suit someone with a good background/degree in world history/journalism, a unique command of writting and an impeccable commitment to english language edits. This invaluable member of our team must have experience in speech writting and content research, teleprompter arrangement and setting, public speaking assistance to the CEO and available for countless international and national travels. Position will also cover running the publishing unit of the corporation, cordinating a forum and blogg sections, marketing materials and advertising copy creation and any and everything to do with words. Company is positioned to operate in 192 countries hence interest in translation of all materials, customization of materials to suit various world languages and cultures etc will be highly beneficial. Company is extremely pro-Christianity and pro-poverty alleviation. This position is for an experienced, creative, smart and deligent person ready to be an integral part of making a difference.
Please send resume and a cover letter that is specific to this post! NO Amateurs!!!!!
NOTE TO COMPANY: If you don't want amateurs, please learn how to spell.

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Omnipotent Poobah said...

Spelling is hily over8ted ya no?