Monday, July 06, 2009

How's This For A Bizarre Job Posting

Writer Wanted For Ex North Idaho Drug Kingpin: Looking for someone to write life story, unique story, unique Individual. Story consists of dealings with Colombians,Cubans, Mexican Federallies, 16 years in prison hanging out with mafia members from the Phildelphia Scarfo gang, Charlie Iannache, Anthony Pungitore, Gene Gotti-brother of John Gotti of the New York Mafia, being successful jail house lawyer. Story begins with the consequences for a boy with a gifted IQ who deals with uniagnosed ADHD and the path he takes in life through taking over the underbelly of the drug world,prison,self inflicted extrodinary rehabilitation efforts to his succesfull entrance back into society. This isnt some run of the mill drug dealer story! I SHOULD BE DEAD A HUNDRED TIMES OVER. GOD HAD HIS HAND ON MY SHOULDER TO GET THROUGH IT. ps: All Statue of Limitations are finished and all prison time completed. The story just needs to be told by a gifted writer. TO SEE 6 PAGE SYNOPSIS GO TO: If interested, please submit writing proposal/compensation plans. I would prefer to give the writer a portion of proceeds, but would pay the right writer to do the story. Follow up to the book would be self help videos/books for children-parents-educators-inmates to not go down the path I took, or to change an inmates life through education. please email me at:

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jadedj said...

Holy shit. I'm afraid to even click on the link.

So Okay, hanging right out on the internet for anyone to see. Something is smelly here. And it's more than my feet.

Let's see...he's in Idaho. He spent 16 years in prison, with gangster celebs, who he jailhouse lawyer for. Oh, and his name is Bobby. Hmmmmmmm. I'm sure these guys are really excited about his upcoming book...and most way are they going to figure out who, or where he is...because they are stooopid and they have no way to check his internet address, nor do they know where Idaho is. Stinky, stinky, stinky.